Reverse Engineering (Mesh to Nurbs)

by Graham Bullock B.Ed. Design and Tech

Estrella Reverse Engineering Exterior

There are 20 videos in the Reverse Engineering tutorial suite

We specialize in this very important aspect of professional Alias
More and more OEM's are requiring candidates to sit a Mesh to Nurbs practical test, as part of the job interview for Entry Level. If you are not fully trained in RE. it is really difficult to get an Automotive job. For this reason we offer extensive RE projects to our students.

Yair Sharim (currently with Ferrari ) sat a Reverse Engineering test and David Torres ( currently at Audi AG ), was required to sit a 3 day RE test. Both these students handled the tests with flying colors, as they had surfaced several complete exteriors with Learning Alias ,of progressive levels of difficulty, prior to seeking Alias jobs.




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